From chaos.

Disorganized communication and lack of information cause confusion and mistakes.

To control.

Gather all participants on one platform, and address issues before they become problems.

Project collaboration made easy.

Projects are ready to go within minutes. Rolebased interaction. You only see what you need to see.

After inviting participants, they instantly have access to plans and documents. By inviting all project participants, not just foremen and supervisors, everyone can find the latest drawings, and be part of project coordination.

Finally a construction app we can use!

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Web app in the office

mobile app in the field

Developing user friendly and intuitive applications is one of our main goals. Our development team includes a broad spectrum of construction professionals and a programmer with a PhD in intuitive application design.
Fonn simplifies communication with tools for annotating drawings and pictures. Send photos and drawings with markups, deliver group notifications, perform all QA inspections, add budget changes and monitor progress.

Check in at the construction site

Check in when you arrive on-site. Managers can see who is checked in, and will know who to contact for on-site related questions/issues. This function is for practical and safety reasons. As a manager you can create reports with check-in’s during a specific period.

Change requests and cost control

Handle all variations and cost control requests in Fonn. When you get a request, apply cost consequences and send to the client within the app. The client will then accept or decline, after getting a push notofication.

Custom checklists

Create custom checklists for your company or project. All checklist items can include pictures, comments and links to related issues or documents. Checklists can also be assigned to a specific person, given a deadline, hours planned and hours spent. A progress bar gives you the percentage of completion for each project.

Client hand-over

All projects are stored for 12 years, and can be handed over to clients with all documentation for management, operation and maintenance. With Fonn you can easily generate hand-over reports and HSE inspection sheets.

Communicate and address issues in real time

Project members are instantly notified via push notifications when they are assigned to a task, an inspection or when deadlines are getting close.

Full integration with other systems

Our API’s are open and fully documented. We have done several successful integrations with other systems for our clients.

The latest revision of all documents at your fingertips

Put all the work plans, files and documents in the pocket of the field professional. Ensure consistent quality through good coordination, communication and access to up to date plans and specs.

A perfect tool for handling warranty claims

Clients can handle all warranty claims directly in Fonn. The client reports the warranty claim, a task is created and the responsible contributor will be notified.

Feature list.

Unlimited users. Unlimited subs. No extra fees.

Sub to sub communication, monitored by you.

Audit trails and liability protection.

Current drawings in your pocket.
Unlimited data storage and files.
Photo and drawing markups.
Inclusive usability for all tech skill levels.
BIM compatible.
Live site attendance.
Checklist for quality insurance.
Punch lists.
Native applications on iOS and Android.
Reports/dashboard for decision-support across hundreds or thousands of simultaneous projects.
Role management, the right personell with the correct access level.
Push notifications and email reminders to keep focus.
Persistent storage, everything kept in one place.
Specific tools for large organisations and enterprises (templating, reports, management).
Integration support for common automation tasks (create project, invite members, manage projects).
Report/document templating to enable digitization of physical paper-trail.

Frequent questions

What does Fonn Construction platform cost?

Our pricing strategy is: you pay per project. The price depends on the size of the project and how many you order. There is no extra cost for your contributors, partners and customers. The Android or iPhone mobile application is free to download.

Can all members see everything?

No, Fonn Construction lets you as project manager, decide what others can see. You can hide checklists for members that don’t need to see them, you can make issues private between you and the members of the issue. You can make folders private.

Is it easy to create your own checklist?

Yes, our checklist import is very easy. Click “import” -> Choose file -> Upload. The checklist format needs to be an excel-file and be made according to our template which can be found on our homepage. You can replace the original checklists or just add you own. You will also be able to add new check list items on web.

Can Fonn Construction be integrated with other systems?

Yes, our API’s are open and fully documented. We have done different kinds of successful integrations with other systems.

How many members can you invite into a project?

You can invite unlimited project members with no extra cost. We recommend that you invite all participants, not just foremen and supervisors. That way everyone can find the latest drawings and be part of the construction project coordination.

How much data can you upload to a project?

An unlimited amount of data can be uploaded to any project.

How do I organize all my projects?

You can group your projects in a folder structure. By splitting projects into categories you can easily find the project you are looking for, even if you have thousands of projects. If you didn’t create an infrastructure from the start, you can always go back and move your already created projects into new groups.

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