full control

Fonn Construction makes it easy to keep your team updated with latest plans and information about the project.

Communication under control

Direct communication

Contributors can communicate directly between each others, with the project manager monitoring the conversation.

Role-based access

Forget about chaos in documents or messages. Project managers will see and get notified by all changes, contributors will see what they need to see.

Status updates

Get push-notifications when new documents are uploaded, when you’re assigned a task, an inspection, or when deadlines are getting close.

Adapted to your needs

Customized features

Customize your project which modules you need and create checklists with pictures, comments, links, assignees, deadlines, hours planned and hours spent.

User friendly

One of our main focuses have been to make the app as user friendly as possible.

Mobile or in the office

No matter where you work today, you can monitor project progress with a user friendly, easy and intuitive web and mobile app.

Long-term scalability

Pay per project

No extra cost per user. This way you can gather all of the project participants without worrying about the cost.

Client Hand-over

All projects are stored for 10 years and can be handed over to clients with documentation for management, operation maintenance and development of construction works.

Warranty handling

Fonn Construction is the perfect tool for handling warranty claims.

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